What We Do For Residential Properties

Current conditions in the real estate markets have a large impact on the valuation process and final assessments. Slight changes in the market can produce significant decreases in the assessed values and taxes. Fewer than seven percent of all property owners ever attempt to seek a reduction in their property taxes. A large percentage of property owners in Florida are successful in obtaining substantial tax reductions through the Value Adjustment Board Petition process with assessment reductions in the millions annually. Legally, you are responsible for your fair share of the tax burden, no more, no less!

We primarily work on a contingency basis:

Assessments between up to $500,000 = 38% of the Tax Savings
Assessments between greater than $500,000 = 33% of the Tax Savings

Our fees are for a one year period only.

We also have a $75.00 – 125.00 filing and review fee per tax parcel which covers all county filing fees, notary fees as well as petition preparation and filing costs.


You may preview a copy of the residential properties contract by clicking here.

Once you’ve previewed the contract, click here to begin the sign-up process.


PLEASE BE ADVISED: In order to guarantee that we process your petition in a timely manner, we recommend all agreements be returned to our office no later than 5 days before your county’s deadline. The county deadlines can be found on your “Proposed Tax Notice” from the county.

Our office typically needs at least 48 hours prior to the “County Deadline Date”, to process and file your petition timely.  Agreements sent in within 48 hours of the “County Deadline Date” are not guaranteed and may not be processed timely due to the close proximity to the County Deadline.  As most larger Counties have online filing, if the above applies, to ensure timely filing we recommend you file your petition directly with the County your property is located in and we can represent you and your appeal from that point forward.

Please google “Value Adjustment Board” for your County for instructions on how to file online.  Once the filing is completed, please notify our office that you filed the petition and we will begin working on your appeal as normal.  The main thing is that your petition is filing timely.

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