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  • The property must be a residential property and be classified as your primary residence.
  • The property must be in your personal name or a Trust (please ask the County for specifics regarding the trust requirements, if app).
  • You must own and occupy the residence as of January 1st to apply for that tax year.


Non Eligibility:

  • You hold a homestead exemption on another property in or out of state
  • The property is corporately owned  
  • You lease the property (some exceptions are allowed)


Important documents to file for Homestead:

  • Proof of Ownership: Typically, the recorded Deed and or Co-op Proprietary Lease must be held in the name(s) of the individuals applying for homestead.
  • Proof of Permanent Florida Residence: Florida’s Driver’s License or Florida I.D. Card along with either a Florida Voter’s Registration OR a Recorded Declaration of Domicile


Filing for your exemption 

Many counties now have “On-line exemption filing” for easier and quicker processing which is found on their Appraisers Office Website


Additional Exemptions

Please contact your County Appraisers Office for information regarding additional exceptions such as: Senior Citizens, Widow/Widowers, Veteran/Active Duty/Military, Disabled individuals, Church/Non-Profit and Agricultural, etc.



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