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Each year around the beginning of September, property owners in Florida receive proposed tax notices from their local property appraiser’s office. These proposed tax notices detail how much you, as a property owner, will owe the county based on the assessed value of your home or property. This value will change from year to year based on a number of variables and it is up to your county property appraiser’s office to determine the market value of your property.

The good news is that these calculations can be challenged, but only within the 25 day window listed on your proposed tax notice. In order to challenge these notice’s, a petition must be filed with the value adjustment board who will then hold a hearing to determine the validity of your challenge and make a final decision on the assessed value of your property.

Though this may seem overwhelming, there is an easier way… Let us handle all the work for you! By signing an agreement with us (within the stipulated time frame), you can leave the problems to us and go on with your life. We will file the petition on your behalf, incredible right?

After the value adjustment board releases a hearing date, we will extensively review and assess your property. We will use the latest tools and information to determine the true value of your property and locate any inaccuracies that might allow your property to receive a reduction. If we find that your property should qualify for a reduction, we will present the evidence we have gathered and represent you at the hearing so you don’t have to. No stress or pressure on your side! So by now you must be wondering, what it will cost you to enlist our services?

While there is a small review fee which is inclusive of the county filing fee for the petition, the majority of what you will pay will be based on our performance, as a percentage of your actual tax savings. All these details are available in our contract. Use these links to learn more about our services and review a copy of our contracts for residential and commercial properties.


So, what are some of the concerns mostly voiced by clients?

1. Is there any additional information required for the property review?

If the individual reviewing your property requires any further information, we will request that from you as the need arises. When requested, this information will be needed as soon as possible in order to analyze important information to help us complete the review process.

2. How long will it be before the hearing is scheduled?

The hearing date and time is determined by the county. However, the time frames for the hearings are anticipated to be as follows:

January through August:  Dade County
November through June:  Broward County
October through January:  Palm Beach County and all other counties

3. Is it mandatory for me to attend the hearing?

No, you are not required to be at the hearing. We will represent you if necessary, depending on the outcome of our assessment review.

4. When will I hear from your office?

We will contact you when we have updates about your assessment review / hearing or if we need any additional information in order to continue our review. In some cases, the hearing might be rescheduled on a later date. If you receive a notice of hearing or any other information regarding your property tax appeal please be sure to email or fax it to us as soon as possible.

5. Is it important to pay my tax bill? Do I have to pay it even though I have filed a petition?

You are required to pay at least 75% of your property tax bill by March 31st, even if you’ve filled a petition challenging the tax assessment. Failure to pay the minimum prior to that date puts you at risk of having your hearing or the decision by value adjustments board terminated. In addition, paying your tax bill before November 30th allows you to have a 4% discount for early payment.

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