Property Tax Assessment Reductions

Fewer than seven percent of all property owners ever attempt to seek a property tax reduction. However a large number of those property owners in Florida are successful in obtaining substantial property tax reductions through the Value Adjustment Board appeal process; with assessment reductions in the millions annually. Legally, you are responsible for your fair share of the tax burden, no more, no less!

Your tax liability is determined largely by the assessed value placed on your property by your local property appraiser’s office. Current conditions in the real estate markets have a large impact on the valuation process and the final assessments. Even slight changes in the market can produce significant changes in the assessed value of your property and can help lower your property taxes. Identifying inaccurate county assessment records including: land and building square footage, building depreciation rates, building quality rates, building condition and many other factors regarding the assessment can lead to significant reductions and associated property tax savings.

Property Tax Professionals, Inc. has performed property tax appeals for millions of dollars in residential, commercial, and tangible personal property in Florida with outstanding success rates. We have realized millions of dollars in property assessment reductions for our clients, utilizing our state of the art program and the most experienced consulting staff in the state, providing the most accurate valuations necessary for appeal presentation and final assessment conclusions and reductions. Our goal is to save you money on your property taxes.

Commitment, dedication and personalized service is our policy towards every property tax appeal as we strive to reach the highest levels of success and service.

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Save on property taxes! Lower your property tax assessment, lower your tax bill, save money!